Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Working out at Celebrity Fitness Istanbul

Well...well...it's been a long time since I wrote a blog. The reason is that I was too excited because me and my friend decided to go to Turkey and the fun part was we're going to see Celebrity Fitness's branch in Istanbul. Turkey is a beautiful country and has many many historical places, although some of its people are kinda tricky and not nice...but well it's not that big a different than Jakarta. Celebrity Fitness is located in Levent at Dalmaz Center, the location is similar with CF Saberro House...in a building with valet parking and everything. I was introduced with 2 of the local instructors, Ogun and Sem. And then we joined Miho's Body Balance class on Saturday at 4.10pm. Miho's Body Balance class was kinda different than she used to teach in Jakarta. In Jakarta, I think Miho's Body Balance was for advanced class. But then Miho told me that the members weren't ready for it. I think their bodies are kinda stiff for Body Balance class and some of them might be not fluent in English so when Miho tried to explain something, they might catch it only half of it. It was awesome though, Miho and JJ have been super nice with us.

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